Friday, February 7, 2014

jesus' cheerleaders

No one likes waking up from a nap and seeing that their friends all hungout without them. It’s not like they asked and you were just sleeping, but they never even texted you. 

It’s like one of those days where it’s rainy at the beach and you go to read your bible and 15 minutes in it stars pouring on you, and on top of that it’s windy and sand is blowing everywhere and the thinly sliced pages of your bible won’t stay down....

Today was one of those days

Woke up.

Felt forgotten.

SO what did i do...
It is all about choices. I was going to text a friend to go to chat and have coffee at Alta, but i knew if i talked to that friend that they wouldn’t fully understand how i felt about being forgotten. So instead, I called Chelsea.

Chels and I went to Alta, and brought our bibles inside to sit and do devos....but it was crowded and there were no seats available and it was raining outside. While in line a lady in front of us turned around and started talking to us about Alta and how it was so crowded in here she would never get a seat. She saw the bible in my hands and touched it and said, 
“yup read my take this morning with my small group”

I said, “yeah me too, on the beach”

She expressed how she too wished she could have read on the beach and that she had such a small knit group of girls to do devos with. She said that her small group was more formal and they all read the same thing (Acts) and they had homework and workbooks also to go along with it.
Despite meeting that lady in Alta and chatting with her while we got our coffee, chels and I went to the wedge to talk some more about life. 

We talked about Gods path and how his path made out for us is based on our choices. The choices that we make depend on how we get to the end point of Gods plan for us.
After coming back from the wedge driving down Newport Blv, we stop at Del taco for a quick bite and to go to the bathroom. As we are sitting down at one of the tables, Chelsea says to me,

“You know when you know God is telling you to go and talk to someone you don’t even know and you just really don’t want to...”

I reply with, “yeah, who is it?”

Chels points to a man sitting in a booth on the other side of the room. He was alone. Wearing a jean jacket with white wooly fur on the collar. It had buttons but was unbuttoned. He had a yellow raincoat on the seat across from him that was damp and a book on the table that he had been reading. 

As we were looking at him, another man from a different table stands up and This guy with the raincoat asks him if he was saved. He and the man were talking for a moment and then guy with the raincoat picks up the book and says this is the truth. Jesus is the way. And the other man walks away with a hardened heart. 

So, we get up and we go over to him and introduce ourselves and he says what’s up...
We tell him how we saw what had just happened that that Chelsea felt led to come and talk to you. So he picked up his raincoat, and he moved it aside next to him and he said to have seat. 

We sat and talked to him for about an hour about his testimony and what led him to Jesus.  He said that he has been homeless for the past couple of years and that he sleeps outside an Italian restraunt down the street, but it was raining tonight so he came inside the Del Taco. 

He talked to us about how he really appreciated our encouraging words to keep on keeping on and to plant seeds into people and let God do the rest of the work. 

He asked us to pray for him to find employment so we all bowed our heads and Chelsea and I both prayed for him separately out loud for God to open doors for him. 

He then in return prayed for us a beautiful prayer of encouragement that we may keep encouraging and being cheerleaders for Jesus. He prayed over our spouses that God may provide us with the right spouse in our lives. He prayed that we wouldn’t not care what other people think of us so much. That we would listen and understand our teachers better in school. That we would not be afraid to speak truth into people and not be afraid to speak out loud the words of Christ. He prayed that we would be armored and ready for what is to come when Jesus returns. That we may carry daggers with is to fight against the devils demons that try to bring us down. 

Meeting this man, William Zamora, tonight was incredible. It was all in God’s plan tonight to end up in that del taco at 10:30 at night. NO matter what choices we would have made that night, whether i went with Chelsea or another friend, God’s plan was to end up at del Taco and meet William and hear the truth that he had to say to us and for us to speak encouragement to him.
And on top of all of just so happens that William attends the Friday night, Lifelines, service at the Crossing Church :) SELAH!

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